Toy-Fozzie's Glorious Grace

DOB        : 07 27 2003
Coulor     : White
Reg. No.  : 16922/2003
Sex           : Female
Owned by:
Turid Småvik
Breed by : Eliv Glette



Chanpions Need one more CC Unknown


Parent Grand Parent Greate Grand Parent
Greate GreateGrand Parent
NS uch Tuva's Gino Rene
Int Nord uch
Manoir's Walibis Dream  
Aust ch
Janpal December's Boy of Honeylyn  
Honeylyn Sammy Soapsud  
Clanmarret Dream  
Gb Ch
Rusmar Dancing Rainbow at Manoir  
Rusmar Magic Rainbow  
Rusmar Magic Moments  
N S uch
Tuva's Ulrikka  
Int Nord Fin uch
Petit Ami's Starmaker  
Sergeant Pepper From Ligray  
Petit Ami's Ninone Nineth  
N S uch
Tuva's Oda  
Kynismar Bugsey Malone  
Toy-Fozzie's Kiwa  

Dreaming Dollie Deluxe
N S uch
Toy-Fozzie's Tarzan  
N S uch NV-91
Sergeant Pepper From Ligray  
Pomlyn Ben Davis  
Ligray the Word Girl  
Int NS uch
Toy-Fozzie's Kikki  
Planhaven Fire And Ice  
Sankt Obri Snøhvit  
N uch NordV-98
Holly-Holiday's Catchy Cap-A-Pie  

Så-Nett's Record Straigt  
Aaponkujan Jori  
Toy-Fozzie's Duchesse Dede'e  
Int Nord uch NordV-96
Toy-Fozzie's Holly Holiday  
Toy-Fozzie's Don Juan  
Toy-Fozzie's Jenny-Vive  


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